On October 17, 2016, another edition of the Studio of Good Solutions took place in Katowice, where we had the opportunity to participate both as exhibitors and speakers. During this edition, the topics discussed included novelties and trends that are predominant the design of bathrooms, kitchen solutions and durable flooring solutions.

The lecture began with a presentation by a special guest, Ms. Veronika Kiersztejn, a well-known architect, and co-founder of Kolektyw Projektowy Musk, which has been awarded many times in Poland and around the world.

The attendees could listen to our lecture on “The use of glass in the bathroom”. Our presentation was intended to extend your perspective on the practicality of using glass in the interior design surrounding us on a daily basis.

Thanks to the presentations during the Good Solutions Studio, we have enriched our knowledge with new experiences, established new contacts with customers, renowned and valued designers and interior designers.

The meeting ended with the lecture by Przemo Łukasik, architect and owner of Medusa Group studio, author of the award-winning projects, including the Katowice KTW, interiors of the Katowice railway station and the offices of Skanska Property Poland.

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