Glass showcase, white float glass, toughened, laminated, 55.4. Wall recessed covered with glued tinted Colorimo glass, 4 mm. The door with the door closer 2000 x 1000. Float glass, white, toughened 10 mm, stainless steel handle. Bathroom door 2000 x 900 satin glass, toughened, 8 mm. Fittings and door handle with a bathroom lock. Shower enclosure comprising a door and a fixed wall, dimensions 1400 x 2000. Float glass, white toughened, 8 mm. Chrome-plated fittings and handle. Glazing, float glass, white 10 mm, toughened. Wall infill, white float glass, 5 mm, toughened, laminated, 55.4. Frameless door with a door closer, 2000 x 1000 float glass, white, 10 mm, toughened. Door installed in the frame

2000 x 900